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Friday, 2 May 2014

Best 3 Android pc suite

Currently android is the widely used Operating System in smart phones. Android PC suite will help you to connect your phone with PC and do various task of your phone fast within your computer. In this post I will list best 5 PC suite for your android phone.


Mobogenei comes with app store and options to manage your android phone. The best feature of this application  is that ,it have option to download the android applications in PC and install it in your phone directly from PC.
Another feature is one click root .If you want to root or jail break your phone and don’t know how to root android phone manually, then you can use this application. This will help you to do it in a single click.
Other interesting features are back up and restore, import files from Symbian phones and importing contacts from outlook to your android phone.
You can download mobogenei from

Mobiledit PC suite

Mobiledit comes with useful features to manage your phone.One of the most common problem with other PC suite is, they won’t provide any drivers for your phone to connect your phone and PC. But mobiledit comes with all necessary  drivers for your android phones.
Good features of mobiledit are :-
  • file back up system
  • phone copier
  • Message manager etc
Homepage of mobiledit –


Moborobo also comes with a store where you can download android application in your PC and install app in your phone from your PC.
You can connect phone and PC using USB and Wi-Fi. You need to activate USB debugging for connecting via USB and Wi-Fi tethering for connecting using Wi-Fi.
The main features of MoBorobo are :-
Contact manager – Manage your contacts which is fast and easy using moboro.
Call log – check your call log directly from your PC.
Message manager –Backup and compose new messages using message manager.
Homepage -
If you want download PC suite based on your phone model, go to all pc suite where you can download based on your phone model.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How to unlock android phone when you forget the lock pattern

We set a pattern as screen lock in our android phone for security.But most of us will forget the unlock pattern and not able to unlock the android phone.In this article,I will explain how to unlock the forget pattern in phone.
There are two ways in which we can unlock the forget pattern in android phone .First method is unlocking using google account.Second method is resetting your android phone.

Unlocking forget pattern using google account in android phone

This method is easy.When you try more than 3 times to unlock the pattern ,then phone will show option to unlock using google accounts.Just login to your google account using gmail id and password.This will unlock the phone and ask for a new password.

Unlocking pattern in android phone by flash reset

This method can be used when you are not able to unlock the pattern in android phone using google account.This method have a drawback.It will factory reset your android phone.This will delete all your installed apps.
It will not delete any data from your sd card.But all data in your internal or phone memory will be deleted.So if you have any important data stored in internal memory you may need to backup it.
You can't do it directly since you are not able to unlock the pattern.So sync your phone to PC using some PC suites for android phones.Search for some PC suite having a app backup option and use it.

Resetting android phone.

unlock android phone when forget lock pattern
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Now press power button and volume down button.
  • You will enter factory settings of your phone.Press volume down to move to various factory mode options.
  • Move to select clear flash option.
  • Press right button or home button to clear fash
This will factory reset android phone.Phone will reboot and will not ask for unlock pattern again.

Top zombie shooting games for android download

Here is a list of top zombie shooting games for android.

Top Zombie shooting android game -zombie frontier

Best android shooting zombie games
This is a free zombie shooting game for android phones developed by FT games.You will love this zombie game if you love killing zombies with guns!! .This is a shooting game where you are killing peoples who become zombie due to virus T infection.
You will get a good shooting game experience with shocking sound effects and firing.
Download zombie frontier from google play
Watch zombie frontier android game video here.

Best Zombie android games - Zombie Highway

best android zombie shooting games

Want to play a game with racing and killing zombies??Then play zombie highway.In this game you will be riding a car in a desert.You need to shoot undead zombies clinging to your car before they flip your car.
Download zombie highway for android from google play
Watch zombie highway android game video demo here

Best zombie shooting android games -Zombie diary

Another interesting zombie shooting game for android.Zombies attack our planet and you are the only survival citizen.You need to fight against zombies to save the planet.You are equipped with 24 types of guns ,maps etc.
Download zombie diary for android from here.
Watch the zombiegame video here

Best zombie shooting android games - Zombie evils

best zombie shooting game for android zombie evil
This is another zombie game for android developed by FT games.Dr evil creates zombies to kill human beings and make zombies the master of this world.You need to kill them and save this world.You can use 19 different weapons for killing these zombies.
Download zombie evils from play store
Watch zombie evil game below

Best zombie shooting android games - Dead shot zombie

Dead shot zombie is a high quality 3d zombie shooting game for android.It have 3 stages with 15 with missions in each stages.
Download dead shot zombie here
Watch dead shot zombie video here 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

How to activate 3G in android phone

In this article, I will explain how to activate 3g and connect to 3g network in android phone. Even though you recharge for 3g internet you may get 2g speed only. This is due to wrong network selection. You need to activate 3g in your phone settings and change the network mode in order to get  3g speed.

Activating 3G in android phone

For activating 3g in android phone

  • Go to settings >> wireless & networks >> Mobile network  >> 3G service.
  • In 3G service option, activate 3g by tapping enable 3G option.

Selecting network mode

The network mode need to be WCDMA when connecting to 3g networks.

  • Go to settings >>wireless & networks >> Mobile networks >> 3G service >> Network mode.
  • Select the network mode as WCDMA only.

Manually selecting a 3G networks in android phone

In some cases, 3G network will be shared by more than one network providers. For example, in some places, airtel is using 3G network of idea. So you may need to manually select  3G network of idea. This need to be done  when you are not able to connect to 3G network automatically.
You can check whether 3G network is available in your area by changing the network mode to WCDMA only and checking whether the ‘E’ symbol on top notification is changing to ‘H’. If the ‘H’ symbol continues to show, then 3G is available.

Selecting a manual 3G network

  • Go to settings >> wireless & networks >> Mobile Network  >> Network operators.
  • Now phone will search for available networks and list all available networks.
  • Register to any 3G networks that is listed by tapping it. If you are able to register, you will get a message of ‘registered on network..

If you are still facing problem in activating 3g in android phone or getting 2G speed for 3G post it here as comments

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Best books to learn android development

Android is changing the mobile market in a faster and smarter way. With Android development knowledge, one can easily write programs and creative high quality application that can easily run on any android device or tablet available globally. Android is a mobile platform that anyone wants to learn to get a tight grip on android development. So, here are some best books to learn android development in a professional way.

1.'Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform'

best books to learn android development
Hello, Android will lead you in developing your own personalized live application, by just going through the book, as this book has many examples which directly motivate you to create one in no time. Learn all the basics of Android programming. You will also learn to build application with audio and video support, adding graphics by employing2D and 3D OpenGL, network with web pages and web services, and storing data with SQLite. Additionally, you will also learn about publishing your apps directly to the Google play. This book is fully updated to Android 2.3.3. Hello, Android is the Best book for all those who want to learn coding from the book.

2.Professional Android 4 Application Development

top books to learn android development
The Author of this book is the Google's leading Android developer. This sensible book consists of different practical projects that demonstrate the features of the Android SDK ( including current releases), including entire freshly launched APIs in Android 3 and 4, consisting structure for tablets, employing the Action Bar, WI-Fi Direct, NFC Beam, and many other features. This book is equally beneficial for both experienced developers and budding android developers. This book offers Provides realistic assistance to publish and market your created applications, finest ways for user experience. Learn ways of mastering the design, Lifecycle, and UI of an Android app through this practical book.

3.  Programming Android: Java Programming for the New Generation of Mobile Devices

text books to learn android development
This book will definitely help you in building finely engineered Android applications. This can be done by Exploring Android's centralized building blocks and APIs with proper profundity with this reliable android book. Learn to create convincing apps that will run efficiently on an entire variety of Android devices. The book consists of established approaches to app designing and implementation with proper application frameworks. The book also covers topics like sensor development, native coding, 3D graphics, and many other diverse topics. Best book to learn android development from intermediate to advanced programmer.

4.  Beginning Android Tablet Development

android development tutorial books
This book is the handy and practical guidebook for developing apps for tablets by employing the newly launched android release. The book commences with basic information and slowly moves to the experts' advice and guidance for creating fabulous android tablet apps. Everything in this book is featured in fully colored ways. It offers full information regarding all the elements of the android tablet applications for building the Android user interface for tablets, creating location–based services, publishing Android applications, using Eclipse for Android development, and employing the Android emulator. It is an essential book for learning android 3 for developing tablet apps.

5. Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours (English)

best books to learn android development fast
This versatile book offers software developers an easy and bit by bit tutoring on creating and distributing their foremost profitable, professional Android applications. Each chapter is full of different Quizzes, Q&A and Exercises for helping readers in assessing their skills. This book is the primary step to start a career as a professional Android application developer. The book includes everything user interfaces to location-based services, social networking, polishing applications, and publishing through Android Market. This book also includes a CD of source code.

Thus, try all these best books to learn android development, for tablets and all the range of Android devices. These books act as a best way to learn the best way of marketing and publishing a wining android app.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Best android phones below Rs 5000

In this article,I am going to list best and cheap android phones below Rs 5000. Most of you feel doubt that their will be something missing in such low budget android phones .But truth is that,you can buy a android phones for such low price with almost all features you need in a smart phone like camera,WiFi, 3 G etc.So lets see some good as well as cheap android phones with price below Rs 5000.

Micromax Bolt A61

Price - Rs 4800/-
I will list Micromax Bolt A61 on top of the list for android phones below Rs 5000,because this phone comes with all features that a smartphone need for such a low price.The price for the phone is around Rs 4800.Some of the features that surprised me is :-
  • Android 4.1 jelly bean !!.Yes this budget phone is running on android 4.1 jelly bean .
  • 512 MB internal memory which greater than samsung galaxy Y5360
  • 3g video calling.
  • WiFi
  • Dual SIM.
low budget android phones under Rs 5000

If you are looking for a cheap android phone,then micromax bolt A61 is a good choice.Regarding the performance of micromax android phones,I used micromax A50 android phone for 6 months and it was a very good phone with performance same as that of samsung galaxy y.

Karbonn smart A4+

Price - Rs 4900/-
I will list Karbonn smart A4+ as third android phone under Rs 5000.Like our micromax bolt a61,this phone is also loaded with all features you need in a smart phone.Some of the features that make me feel interested in buying this phone are:-
  • Android V4 Icecream sandwich OS
  • 1 Ghz Processor
  • Dual sim
  • 3.2 mp camera
  • WiFi
  • Screenshot - This facility is not present in most of the cheap android phones.
cheap android phones under Rs 5000

Celkon A20

Price - Rs 4999/-
Celkon A20 is a cheap android phone under Rs 5000 with good features like android V4.2 jellybean ,1.2 dual core processor and dual camera with a stylish look.
  • Android V4.2 jellybean
  • 1.2 Ghz dual core processor
  • Dual camera .3.2 Megapixel back and .3 Rare camera
  • Dual SIM
  • 3G and WiFi
cheap android phone under Rs 5000

Samsung galaxy starS5282

Price - Rs 4999/-
Samsung galaxy star S5282 is a cheap budget phone with good features.The main highlight of this phone is its internal memory.Internal memory is 4 GB.  Other main features of this phone is
  • Android V4.1 jellybean
  • Dual sim
  • WiFi
The main drawback of this phone is ,it supports only 2g.
low budget android phone under Rs 5000

Celkon A60

Price - Rs 4800/-
Another stylish low budget android phone from Celkon.
  • Android V4.04 ICS
  • 1.2 Ghz dual core processor
  • Dual camera .3.2 Megapixel back and .3MP Rare camera
  • Dual SIM
  • 3G and WiFi
Cheap android phones under Rs 5000

These are the list of best android phones below Rs 5000.If you know a better android phone under Rs 5000,please add it here as comments.

Connecting to internet in android phones

In this article ,I will explain how to connect to internet in android phone.Some of you may be new to android phones and will be facing problem of not connecting to internet in your android phone.You need to activate data connection for connecting to play store and download applications.Also now most of the applications are online and need a internet connection.
We can connect to internet using mobile data connection or WiFi.I will explain this in detail.

Connecting to internet in android phone using data connection

For activating data connection

  1. Go to settings>>Sim management >> Tap data connection to activate internet.
  2. You can also activate data connection by dragging the quick notification menu  on top to down and tapping the data connection.

Creating GPRS or internet settings in android phone

If you are not able to connect to internet,it may be due to error in you internet settings or bad mobile networks.If you know the access point of your mobile network provider,then you can create a new internet settings.
To create a manual GPRS or internet settings
connect to internet in android phone
  1. Go to settings>>Wireless&networks>>Mobile networks >> Access point names.
  2. To create a new access point,press left button and select new access point name.
  3. android phone internet settings
  4. You need to edit the Name,APN ,username and password.

  5. Name - This is just for identifying your new internet setting.You can give any name to it say connection1 or mobile network name.
  6. APN -APN needs to be correct in order to get connected .For different data providers,APN or access point will be different .You will get the correct access point by calling the customer care or searching their websites.
  7. Username and password - For most mobile networks,this will be blank.Try connecting using blank username and password.If not getting connected,call customer care to get your username and password.
  8. After adding name,APN,username and password save your internet settings and select it as default.For selecting it as default,Go to settings>>wireless&networks>>mobile networks and select it as default by checking the bubble corresponding to it.

Connecting to internet using WiFi in android phone

  1. For connecting your android phone to WiFi
  2. Go to settings>>wireless& networks >>WiFi-settings >>Tap turn on Wi-Fi
  3. Now in WiFi settings,available networks will be listed.
  4. Tap the network,you want to connect.
  5. Add password when prompted and Tap connect
If you are facing any problem in getting connected to internet in your android,please post it here as comments